July 2, 1996. Indianapolis Star showed up for a photo shoot which ran on their July 4 issue. These pictures here were taken by "by standers" and not the Indianapolis Star. Yes, those are really "propane" tanks in the background, however, they are new and have never been filled with propane. They contain nonflammable "dry nitrogen". Click on images to see larger copies.


The People
Jeff Pearson, left, comanager
of Peoples Welding Supply,
Indianapolis Star staff writer
Will Higgins, center, and Bill
Hardaway, enjoy oxygen
grilled burgers. They were
Randy Smith, left, co-
mgr Peoples Welding
Supply, gets ready to
video, and Indy Star
photographer, D. Todd
Moore, right, gets setup.
Dave Coats, Peoples,
fills the LOX dewar
from a "PG"
Dwight Darlage, president
of Indianapolis Welding
Supply, right, pours the
sky blue liquid oxygen
into a bucket for George
Goble (GHG), left.

Vaporizing the small flimzy $2.88 grill.
GHG pours LOX into the
bucket while Bill Hardaway
and a (nervous) Will Higgins
Todd Moore shoots the boil-
ing LOX in the bucket while
Will Higgins looks on in amaz-
ment. There is a lit cigarette in
the grill.
Roll'em. GHG
struggles with the
heavy bucket on
the long board.
GHG pours in
the LOX, the lit
cigarette roars
to life.


Starting to roar,
bottom starts to
burn through.
Bottom gone,
roaring charcoal
fire on ground.
Dumped on more
Grill is still standing, minus
the bottom.


Cleaning up the Mess
Since the grill remained standing, it stayed out of the fire
and did non burn too well, It took 3 more buckes of LOX
to "clean up the mess"
Finally, not too much left,
but the charcoal and a few
shards of hot metal.



The almost "Indestructable" WEBER style grill
Three, two, one, barbeque.. "Gentle" grill lighting (3 seconds) as
to not "destroy" the grill.
Grill ready to cook after
3 seconds, and clean.
Dave Coats, and Jon Mac-
Intire, right, Peoples, cook
the LOX burgers.



The group chows down. Will Higgins enjoys his
"LOX burger"


Chow done, now grill the grill.
That Weber type grill was built like a tank, it took 3 full buckets of LOX to burn it through.




"Fire and Ice"
LOX fireball inside a cryo cloud provides an erie effect
Click here for 1600x2400 high quality jpeg (821 Kbytes)