The JPEG Sheriff

Change History

  1. now recognizes oriental type thousand seperators like in the lists done by and for Sabaithai.

  2. added special case recognition of spaces in filenames. The special case is that the filename must have '.JPG' in it as well as be the first item. I.e. for a then valid line it will interpret everything from the first non-whitespace character upto the first whitespace following the '.JPG' (case independent) as the filename. This has been done to bring textual file recognition more in line with other formats. Even though it does have an inherent danger built in.
  3. 4th of July anniversary release with fireworks. Or at least a close approximation thereof. It was an outstanding request I had all but forgotten.
  4. changed the generated 'Get it at:' list header to point to a bounce page so the actual site can be changed if needed
  5. changed recognizer so that it will first search for '.jpg' and only when not found will search for first dot
  6. changed HTML generator to output <TD> instead of <TH> for table data rows. Still <TH> for table headers.
  7. changed box text from miss: to want: to better indicate what the count represents
  8. numeric recognition was too liberal
  9. When showing the verification list the option to limit the list to the missing files has been changed to limit the list to the wanted files. I.e. list those files from the verification list that are not present or are not according to the verification list in size or CRC.
  10. A popup menu for the files grid that has some options for color handling as well as updating verification lists
  11. An extra menu to rename files to comply with verification list
  12. The directory reader thread displays its results as well as a simple size-only verification. The JFIF parser thread continues to read the files.
    While the menus remain disabled while the JFIF parser thread is running (and others like the sorting thread and such), it does provide a quick (and dirty) feedback of the state of the collection while not getting in the way of processing. Provided the verification list has been read beforehand!
    The reason for this limitation is shying away from complexity.
  13. ability to detect duplicates by name or by size
  14. several sorting options

  15. contrary to before not all new things have been tested. I don't really like to release it publicly without at least some measure of quality control, but. Since one way or the other the QA releases have a tendency to show up all over the place anyway, I decided I might as well.
    However, since this is the first such non-QAd release it is just item 3 that is relatively untested.